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The software CYDAR™ offers a powerful solution for design and interpretation of SCAL experiments, and over the years has become the preferred software for more than 100 universities and companies.

CYDAR™ has been developed in collaboration with core analysis specialists, with two main objectives:

  • To be user-friendly: This is achieved by using Windows environment with an intuitive graphic user interface, like any Microsoft software. CYDAR™ can be used with no specific knowledge in numerical simulation or reservoir engineering.
  • To be accurate and powerful: Simplicity does not imply rough approximations or inaccurate calculations. CYDAR™ uses the most recent methods developed and tested in research laboratories, and published in the proceedings of the Society of Core Analysis.

Main features

  • A graphical user interface, with menus, dialog boxes, cut and paste, graph and table exports
  • Powerful data smoothing by spline functions
  • Automatic reporting: all results are exported in an Excel file, with your company logo

CYDAR Core analysis software Commercial Brochure

CYDAR Description of Dispersion module and TPF with EOR module Commercial Brochure New Modules

 The User Manual, with a complete description of CYDAR™,  can be downloaded here: User Manual


CYDAR™ contains the following modules for routine and special core analyses:

  • Mercury injection and withdrawal (MICP)
  • Absolute permeability measurements
  • Dispersion measurements
  • Two-Phase Flow flooding
  • Centrifuge (Pc and Kr) and two-phase flow experiments
  • Relative permeability (steady and unsteady state)
  • Electrical Measurements
  • EOR – chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Automatic reporting
  • Data acquisition

Customized Modules

CYDAR can be customized to any experiment or interpretation method developed by a company.

Some CYDAR windows