Company Profile

 Overview of the company Cydarex (updated March 2021) – Cydarex Company Profile

Training Program and Equipment

  Example of a 5-day training on laboratory SCAL experiments – SCAL Training Program

  Teaching Equipment on laboratory hands-on experiments (updated September 2017) – Teaching Equipment


 DarcyLog: Porosity and Permeability measurements from Drill Cuttings – DarcyLog Commercial Brochure

 DarcyPress: Permeability measurement on small rock samples – DarcyPress Commercial Brochure

 DarcyShale: Very low permeability measurement – DarcyShale Commercial Brochure

 DarcyCap: Fast measurements of capillary pressure, pore size distribution, and resistivity index using the porous plate method – DarcyCap Commercial Brochure

  Society of Core Analysts, paper SCA-2010-A073: “permeability measurement on small rock samples” – pdf file

CYDAR™ documentation

CYDAR Core analysis software Commercial Brochure

CYDAR Dispersion module and TPF with EOR module (updated September 2017) Commercial Brochure New Modules

CYDAR User Manuals

To download a free demo version of CYDAR, contact us.