For a free trial version of CYDAR™, contact us.

How can I get a free trial version of CYDAR™?

To get a fully functional version of CYDAR, please contact us.  During the trial period, CYDAR should be used for evaluation only and is not for commercial use.

What is covered with one CYDAR license?

One license is granted to a physical location.  Currently, we do not limit the number of computers on which CYDAR is installed, as long as the users belong to the same physical location (laboratory, department).

How much does a license cost?

Several financing options are available.  A flat fee for the license with a three-year maintenance contract, or a leasing option over three or five years can be negotiated.  Contact us for details.

I only have a limited amount of experiments to design or analyze.  Do I still need to buy a license?

As a SCAL consulting company, we can design or analyze your experiments for you using CYDAR.  Contact us for rates.

How can I get trained to use CYDAR™?

Information on CYDAR can be found in the user manual and on tutorials available online. For an additional fee, we can also provide a basic training on CYDAR.  This training can be organized in Paris or at your company site.

Even after reading the user guide, I cannot get a function to work.  What do I do?

Our main objective is to make your experience with CYDAR easy.  Although most functionality are described in the user guide, some options or details of calculation are sometimes omitted for the sake of clarity.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarification.

My company uses specific functions.  Can they be included in CYDAR™?

We are always improving functionalities, and CYDAR can be customized with experimental or interpretation method developed by your company.  Additional fees may apply.

Will CYDAR™ be developed for Linux or Mac operating systems?

We currently do not plan to do so.  For Linux or Mac users, we recommend the use of a Windows emulator.

I found a bug in CYDAR™, what should I do?

Like most software, CYDAR is not perfect and we apologize for the inconvenience.  If the problem can be easily reproduced, we usually fix bugs within days. Please contact us directly or go to the report a bug page.