Teaching Equipment

Teaching Equipment

Designed for hands-on experiments on core analysis

  Teaching Equipment on laboratory hands-on experiments (updated September 2017) – Teaching Equipment

Over the past 10 years, CYDAREX has developed a series of equipment to teach conventional (CCA) and special core analysis (SCAL).

  • „  More economical than standard laboratory equipment, but using the same principles; designed to be easy to use, and to visualize flows.
  • „  Procedures optimized to provide quick results, within a few hours (Kr) to a few days (Pc/RI).
  • No safety issues: pressure under 7 bar; use of water and pharmaceutical paraffin oil.

CCA: Porosity, Gas Permeability, and Formation Factor

  • Porosity Measurement, from volume and density, using caliper and balance.
  • Gas Permeability, using a surface permeameter, measured from transient pressure decay. Data acquisition and interpretation using CYDAR.
  • Formation factor is derived from the measurement of electrical resistivity of the plug saturated with brine.

Pc/RI – Capillary Pressure and Resistivity Index

  • Porous plate method, oil/water, up to 7 bar.
  • Resistivity index using 2 and 4 electrodes methods

SCAL: Coreflood equipment

  • Liquid Permeability Experiments.
  • Tracer Test Experiments.
  • Two-Phase Flow Experiments in steady state and unsteady state for relative permeabilities Kr.
  • Principle of laboratory data acquisition, troubleshooting.