Instruments Overview

DarcyLog, DarcyPress, and DarcyShale measure permeability from drill cuttings and small rock samples, with the following measurement ranges:

range of size and permeability for the different instruments

DarcyCap allows a fast determination of resistivity index, pore size distribution, and capillary pressure without the use of mercury.


DarcyLog™ is used for measurements of permeability on drill cuttings. Click here to know more.


DarcyPress™ is used for measurements of gas permeability under confining pressure on small rock samples (5-10 mm). Click here for more information.


DarcyShale™ is an improved GRI method allowing measurements of very low permeabilities, in the nanoDarcy range. Click here to know more.


DarcyCap™ allows fast determination of capillary pressure, pore size distribution, and resistivity index using the porous plate method. Click here to know more.

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