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Consulting Services

With more than 40 years of experience, Roland Lenormand, PhD, provides consulting services on design, interpretation, supervision, and audit in Special Core Analysis.

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Hands-on training with real laboratory SCAL experiments

Organized in Paris, France, this 5-day laboratory training is designed to give participants a working knowledge in standard SCAL experiments.

The training can be customized, but usually covers the following topics:

  • Permeability Experiments
  • Tracer Test Experiments
  • Pc/RI Experiments
  • Two-Phase Flow Experiments in steady state
  • Two-Phase Flow Experiments in unsteady state

CYDAR™ is used for real-time data acquisition, and for design and interpretation of experiments.  The experimental set-ups and equipment are similar to standard relative permeability set-ups.  An emphasis is put on security and safety: all experiments are performed at laboratory conditions, with applied pressure under 5 bars and the use of non-toxic oils.

 An example of a one-week training can be downloaded here.